Vet-Services Hi, everyone and welcome to our website dedicated to all exotic animals and proud owns of those. In this web page, you will find the various useful information we hope will be able to help you while you breed your pets.


Our Pets



– the opossums are particular type of exotic animals that demand extra care. We are specialized in Brazilian Short Tail Opossums, South American Four Eyed Opossums, and Indo Striped Opossums.

Saltwater fish


– owners who keep aquariums know how saltwater fish can be expensive and demanding of keeping. With our advice, you will keep your animals protected and safe. We can offer you a wide range of information which includes a many exotic saltwater fish.

Exotic birds


– considering the exotic birds, we can offer you an extensive knowledge in Golden and Blue Macaw, Rainbow Lorikeet, Peacock, Sun Conure, Red Macaw, Golden Pheasant, Quetzal, and Toucan.




– by belonging to the family of reptiles, lizards can be challenging pets, and you need to dedicate them a lot of attention. If you follow our website, we will provide you many useful recommendations, which will help you breed them easier.

About our work

We are a dedicated team of professionals specializing in exotic animals. Through our years of service, we have gained many useful skills and acquired much-needed knowledge about them. This is one of the reasons why we decide to launch this website, to help all the people out there who are struggling with keeping the exotic animals.



men love lizard


“The Generic Exotic Pet Website has provided me much useful information about the breeding of lizards. I have owned lizards for 20 years now, and this is the first site that has given me the full support. They have an excellent customer support service, which is very welcoming and friendly.”


“I had a great collaboration with people who run this web page, considering that own opossums, they can sometimes be demanding as pets. My problem was with opossums’ diet and the experts in charged for this website quickly solved my problem.”


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