Managing Insects & Pests Pets Bring Indoors

Pets are what makes our life complete according to many pet owners. They are members of our family, that we adopted because we fell in love with them. We take care of them when they are sick. They lick our cheeks when we are having a bad day. Their role in our lives is to protect us or entertain us. With all the positives of pet ownership, there also comes a few negatives. Some people worry that their home will become overrun with bugs because of their furry friends. You should know though, there are ways to manage insects and pests that pets bring indoors.

The Bugs Bugging Us

Flea Life CycleOur fur babies are delightful. However, it is impossible to keep them indoors. When you have a K9 companion, they will likely be house broken to go outside. Cats have a wandering soul and may choose to come and go. This may not be a problem all the time, but it can be a bother when the bugs start bugging you, your pet, and your family. As any pet lover can tell you, animals are bug magnets. Their fur gives insects a terrific place to hide. Then, when the pet goes inside a home, they may jump off. Before you know it, you want to leave home because it has so many bugs. You do not have to deal with it. It is easier than you may realize to get rid of the bugs and keep them away.

Solving Bug Problems in Your Home

Natural Pet ProtectionOne of the most common pet problems is fleas and ticks. Those two pests come into a home using a pet as their host and their transportation. Fleas are especially bothersome. They can bite people and animals. They also reproduce quickly. If you feel one flea bite, you can assume that your home and your pet has a lot of them. Ticks can lead to diseases if they bite a person. You really do not want that inside your home. To eliminate the problem, you can talk to your vet or visit your local pet store. Often, veterinarians will have flea medicine that will make your pet unattractive to fleas and ticks. One little pill can last 30+ days, with some that are strong enough to last several months. You can also use spray to keep your pet and your home pest free.

Other types of bugs that may love your furry pets is mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and more. Those are a little harder to prevent than fleas and ticks, but there are still solutions. One option is to install snug pet doors so that some of the bugs will be wiped off your pet as they come in. You can also put an indoor mosquito trap in your home. The indoor mosquito trap found on will operate quietly while eliminating bugs that sneak in via your pet.

Love Your Pets, Not the Pests

When you have a pet, you live a happier life. Pets are great at relieving stress. They are members of our family that love us unconditionally. You can make it a perfect life with your pet by ensuring they, nor you, have to deal with bugs. Isn’t it worth it to keep the pets and avoid the pests?