3 Strange Pets You Can Own

Stranger things to own

In another of our articles, we have looked at four exotic pets that you can own in the USA. Those four might not be wild or exotic enough for you. Maybe they aren’t unique or you just don’t like them for whatever reason. So, below are three stranger exotic pets that you can own today, enjoy!

  1. A Skunk

Skunks were originally kept on farms to scare away any rodents from eating crops. The modern day skunk is known as a playful, lovable creature. But beware, this is only after their scent glands have been removed. Skunks are also called polecats and their lifespan can be up to 12 years.

The average weight of a skunk is between 8 and 12 pounds. They use the scent glands in their anus as their defense mechanism. Oh, and you really won’t want to get any skunk spray on you! Their spray can reach as far as 10 feet and it is very difficult to lose the stench!

But besides the smelly reputation, skunks are very sensitive creatures who are very clever, curious, and they do love to be held. Many people have skunks as pets as they take well to being trained to use the litter box.

However, their curious nature lends them to stealing stuff around the house! So beware.

  1. A Wallaby

Of the kangaroo family, though not quite as large, the Wallaby can reach a height of about 41 inches and they can weigh around 53 pounds. These are extremely sociable animals who love being outside.

As they are cute, fuzzy creatures, who love the outdoors, people feel that they are the ideal exotic pet. But beware that a small garden is not big enough to keep one! Although not too big in size, they actually need lots of outdoor space, due to moving about at very high speed.

Ideally, they should be kept in a sheltered pen. Your fencing should be at least five feet high, because of their Kangaroo relation, Wallabies love to jump!

  1. A Squirrel Monkey

Found in the tropical climates such as the forests of South and Central America, a Squirrel Monkey might just be the most adorably strange pet of choice. They are very light, weighing in at about 2 pounds usually, but they are very fun and playful pets with lots of energy!

Squirrel Monkeys are very intelligent, social creatures and they are also highly affectionate, which makes them a popular exotic pet owner’s choice. Among all of the primates, they have the largest brain, so house-training a Squirrel Monkey should be very easy.

Beware though, Squirrel Monkeys urinate onto their feet, spread it onto their hands, and even occasionally all over their body which helps them to mark their path. Squirrel Monkeys aren’t cheap either, costing you upwards of $8,000 just for a baby one.

Strange enough for you?

If you have the finances to buy and own one, check out a Hyacinth Macaw or a Chimpanzee!