4 Exotic Pets You Can Legally Own

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So you have a dog, a cat, some goldfish and you might see the odd mouse run across your kitchen floor in the winter time. But you want more. You need something different, something exciting and quirky. What you need is an exotic pet!

In the USA, most animals can be owned but there are some states where there’s a ban on exotic animal ownership so do your research into the specific laws of your state. I’ve put together below four different exotic pets to give you an idea of what you might like:

  1. An Emperor Scorpion

These are a native of the rain forests of West Africa. They are shiny and black and look a little scary with their big claws out front. But these unique qualities are why some people like to keep them as an exotic pet.

The Emperor Scorpion is actually the most common breed of scorpions to be kept as an exotic pet. Globally, they are one of the largest scorpion species around. Some of them do grow up to eight inches in length!

Although they look rough and tough, they are actually known to be quite docile. The venom that the scorpions carry is fairly mild. Despite a mild venom, it will still hurt your if they sting or pinch you due to their large claws.

  1. A Tarantula

Have you ever watched the film Arachnophobia?

Some people will just run out of the room screaming if they see a tarantula! While others aren’t afraid and just walk calmly towards them. Tarantulas can be found everywhere besides the Antarctica and believe it or not, have a lifespan of 10 and 25 years!

Their size can range from as tiny as your fingernail to as big as a fruit bowl. They have eight legs and two fangs so this causes them to appear rather intimidating. Despite this, Tarantulas would rarely bite humans.

Many species of these are out there, but the most popular ones as pets are the “Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantulas”, simply because they are large in size so are easy to care for.

  1. A Sugar Glider

Moving away from spiders and scorpions, these cute little things are marsupials and come from the same general species of the Kangaroo. They also originate is Australia, Indonesia, and Papa New Guinea.

They have a lifespan of 10 and 15 years. The can reach about seven inches long and weigh only about 5 or 6 ounces. Not surprisingly, their love of sweeter things and gliding through air ability lends to their name.

  1. A Hedgehog

These spiky little critters hail from Asia, Europe and also Africa. They have a lifespan between 3 and 8 years. Weight wise, up to 1.5 pounds is common, while their little spines can reach a length of 1 inch.

They are harmless, quiet animals they have a high “adorable factor”. This makes them an ideal exotic pet but they do require much care and attention.

Enough to get you started?

These are just some of the many exotic animals you can own as pets. Keep an eye on our other articles for more ideas for the wonderful life of exotic pet ownership.