Four Awesome Cat Breeds You Hadn’t Considered Owning

Our feline friends come in many shapes and sizes, from miniature varieties to the illustrious breeds that more closely resemble wild cats. Most people with cats in the home may not know exactly what breed(s) they are, but they love their pets regardless.

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With hundreds of cat breeds around the world, there are many to consider if you’re looking for a particular feline friend. While there are many popular varieties, some beautiful breeds do not get as much attention as the rest. Today, we’ll tell you about four awesome cat breeds that you probably haven’t considered bringing home until now.


One of the most aesthetically interesting cat breeds out there is the Sphynx, which is sure to catch everybody’s eye. This breed is unique in that it is practically hairless and has an oilier body than most cats. For those who remember the Austin Powers movies, Doctor Evil’s cat was a Sphynx. These cats don’t possess any hair, so they are naturally more likely to seek out warmth because they lack a furry coat (for tips on keeping your cat healthy, click here).


A relatively new breed of cat, the Munchkin breed is notable for its short stature. Arguably one of the smallest cats in the world, its legs are much shorter, giving it a kitten-like look even in adulthood. This cat is surely bound to capture the attention of family, friends and everybody else, but it’s important to note that this breed can face certain feline mobility issues. Nevertheless, it makes one cute cat breed that you probably haven’t considered adopting or bringing home.

Japanese Bobtail

When most people think about cats, one of the first things they imagine is a long, swinging tail. Not all cat breeds feature such tails and the Japanese Bobtail is one of them. A relatively mid-sized cat, the Japanese Bobtail has no long tail to prance about with – those it does have a recognizable stub where a normal tail would otherwise grow. This cat, as suggested by its name, comes from Japan and can be found throughout most parts of the world in the present day.

American Curl

The final cat breed on our list is the American Curl, which gets its name from the unique shaping of its ears. Almost resembling two thumbs sticking up in the air, the American Curl does require careful care to avoid damaging its ear cartilage, but the cat itself is a very healthy, large and long-living variety first bred in California. With big paws and a partial resemblance to the Maine Coon, this cat makes for a delightful and intriguing addition to any home.

If you’re looking for a new feline friend, you have plenty of options. You can visit a local rescue shelter, purchase a kitten from a responsible breeder, or just wait for a special companion to find its way to your home. Whatever your decision, you now have a few new breeds to consider if you’re planning on picking out exactly the right cat for your tastes.