Get a low maintenance exotic pet and embrace a new healthy diet from Hello Fresh. 

Consider a bearded lizard dragon. Don’t let its looks scare you. It is a very gentle reptile that likes to be fondled and take frequent showers. Day creature awake in the day and sleeps at night, so you can see its every move. Bearded dragon lizard has great temperament, is great to have around kids and even plays with them. This would definitely make a good exotic pet to inspire a healthy diet change and visit Hello Fresh.

Fall in love with Hello Fresh, cook amazing meals by yourself and maybe your new dragon lizard will want to try. Hello Fresh sends you healthy and nutritious weekly recipes via email. Prepare to make good looking and appetizing meals, make sure to leave a some in case your dragon lizard gets hungry. Hello Fresh saves you grocery shopping trips and sends you all ingredients, so you can spend more time with your bearded dragon lizard.

Consider a weird and alien looking creature — Axolotl.  A salamander descendant that can regenerate any part of its body when placed with other creatures like him in an aquarium. This unique pet will require lots of care and space to move around. Think about Axolotl and head to Hello Fresh.

Keep the diet on changing mode and let Hello Fresh help you eat healthier and feel proud. No more eating out or ordering unhealthy food that is not fresh. Feel and look better, be satisfied and say Hello Fresh.

Consider a cute and adorable monkey. A very smart animal that resembles some human being behavior. Go on with the challenge and train your monkey. Note it’ll be like a baby and want to be close to you, but once it grows older it will want independence. You’ll need to get indoor trees to make it feel at habitat. Don’t forget to feed your monkey vegetables, fruits and nuts; and head to Hello Fresh to find the right meal for you.

Take out the freshly boxed ingredients Hello Fresh sent you and create a delicious and succulent meal like the one you saw on Bon Appetit. Get ready to make an easy to follow  Chunky Funky Veggie Burger, Get Your Greens Rice Bowl or Eggplant and Sun-Dried Tomato Linguine. Don’t be selfish and share a bite with your monkey.

Consider a beautiful Hyacinth Macaw. A bird similar to a baby with endless energy sure to keep you focused. Macaw is very affectionate, so be ready for lots of cuddling . Make sure you get many toys because macaw like playing.  Also, macaw is very loud and likes chewing and biting often. If you are ready to endure all of this,  macaw is the right choice.

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